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What is YouCard? How does it work?

What’s YouCard?

YouCard is a loyalty discount scheme for people looking to save money every time they buy locally – whenever you buy anything with our partners, you get discounts when you show your YouCard, no loyalty schemes or saving up stamps – discounts every time. Simple.

Save on everything from footlong sandwiches, to salon trips, to gym memberships… there’s loads of businesses in where you can save money with your YouCard.


What is YouCard and how does it work?

At YouCard we want to create a loyalty scheme to encourage more local trade. We match businesses wanting to sell more with people like you.

By introducing a discount card, we are able to get more people through the doors of businesses by giving them a discount on their bill so that they save money – and giving business owners more custom. Win-Win.

All this for just £3.99 a month.


YouCard is a must for guys n’ gals that love to eat out, shop and socialise. It makes sense to get people to spend locally, at both small and big names.


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