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Better Reach

With over 5,000 members and 250,000 readers, all relevant and regularly verified, we have a captive, sanitised and statistically-robust audience.


We capture important geodemographic data on our users, ensuring you can target specifically those audiences which most compliment your offering.

Shopping Behaviour

With a real-time, continual stream of user behaviour information, we are target members based on their shopping habits, spend and location.


How can I market with YouCard?

We offer a number of ways that our business members can advertise and engage with our audience in an effective way.

We have a growing members base. As a business we are drawing in people from the wider area, from lite- to heavy-consumers; including people that don’t go out.

We offer a number of ways that you can advertise, from audience engagement to card sponsorship programs;

  • App AdvertisingNEW – reach our entire audience with an in-app advert
  • Paid placement – appear higher in the Offers List rankings and get seen more
  • TV advertising – appear as part of our targeted TV advertising campaigns
  • Email marketing – send your message to our audience of 5,000 members
  • SMS messaging – send your message to our audience direct to their mobile
  • Card sponsorship – get your logo and message printed on You Cards
  • Ticker tape – have your details appear on the banner on every page of our website
  • Email notifications – have your logo and details in every user notification email, from shipped cards to password update emails, appear in captive email messages that are much less intrusive

Whatever your advertising objectives, we have a specific platform for you to promote your product or brand direct to our ever growing audience.

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We’re growing…

We are now in Phase 1 of our growth plans, seeing us through our first 20,000 YouCard member recruitment.

We are implementing our 2 year marketing strategy, to recruit our first 70,000 members, expanding outwards to other cities and towns. This will give us a solid platform to deliver high-yielding ROI for our business members.





Why join YouCard?

So what’s in it for you as a business owner? Why join the YouCard list of businesses?

We have a growing member base.

We can guarantee that we can boost your takings, and it won’t cost you anything (other than your discounts on the bill for YouCard members). All we ask is that you give YouCard holders a discount on their bill of a minimum of 10% (excluding wet sales for food businesses).

We will provide you FOL all the equipment needed to verify YouCards which will ensure you don’t accept fake or ‘cloned’ cards.

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