Engage your audience

Employee Benefit

With over 100 partners per city, we can offer a great way for your employees to save on their everyday spending.

Customer Retention

Give your customers a meaningful way to engage, which speaks directly to them and gives true, tangible value.


Reward and get the best from your employees

Get the best from your employees, show them you care and build up a demonstrable, corporate social responsibility with YouCard.

With YouCard, you can reward existing and new employees with a value-based scheme which helps them save money every day in their day-to-day lives. Meaningful, long term value.

  • Give employees a perk or incentive
  • Reward hardworking or outstanding employees
  • Retain the best in your workforce
  • Help deliver a strong corporate social responsibility policy

We deliver our YouCard partner program in two ways.


Buy an existing system and give your employees a benefit in kind, or reward. This way, you can deliver a value-based incentive to your valuable workforce.


Have your employees opt-in to a salary sacrifice scheme where they pay for YouCard themselves, at a heavily discounted rate, allowing you to budget effectively whilst still delivering the same core values.

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How can I engage with customers?

We offer a variety of ways that our partners can engage and deliver meaningful value to their customers, value that they can use in their day-to-day life.

At YouCard we help our business partners to:

  • Add value to existing customers
  • Retain customer spend and loyalty
  • Create long-term, meaningful relationships with customers
  • Increase sales figures through incentives
  • Build customer loyalty; new and existing

If you’re interested in getting involved with the YouCard family, contact us today.

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How many memberships will you likely need?

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